4 Things that Mean Inevitable Failure in the Direct Sales World

f24d4e9cb43406f4b072599b0218d75aIn order to be successful in direct sales, as well as in being an entrepreneur in general, you have to be motivated. You have to be motivated to get out of your current situation, to kill it, to avoid the 9-5 grind, to stay home with your kids. Whatever you reason is – it has to be really compelling, because that reason will be the reason you’re incredibly successful or an incredible failure. OR at least as successful as you are now, so you can replace the income. But what are the things that sabotage business owners? Are there signs that can give us an idea of which businesses have a better chance of failure that others? Here are 4 things that COULD spell inevitable failure in the direct sales world:


Getting discounts is pretty much the worst motivator to join a direct sales company. Discounts are great, and discounts are compelling, but it’s not something that’s going to make you want to continue doing something forever, is it? The reason that you choose a direct sales company cannot exclusively be about discounts, because when working for any company, you’ll always find that you sacrifice something else for the time that you use to earn that discount. That sacrifice might come in the form of time with your family, time away from house work, or time that you cannot spend on other passionate hobbies. I did a blog on opportunity cost recently if you’d like to have a read. There are few scenarios when getting a discount is more compelling than spending time with your family, so odds are if that’s the exclusive reason you’ve entered into the direct sales world – you may not be around for the long term.

Not Having a Motivated Support System

Perhaps bigger than the decision of actually choosing your business is choosing who your upline will be. In the world of direct sales, you almost always have to sign up under a sponsor. That sponsor will help guide you towards success. Now, if you’re extremely self-motivated, it may not be quite as important, but there’s nothing like the support system of a really motivated, knowledgable team on your side. Even if the sponsor that you select is brand new to direct sales, make sure your personalities work together well and you understand what their long term goals are with the company. Having a motivated sponsor will help to ensure your long term success and their experience (or inexperience) will shape how you motivate yourself. 

Not Studying up on Business Growth & Marketing

Woman's hand is drawing a business flowchart on the glass screen. A concept of starting your own business. Brainstorm.

In order to succeed in the world of direct sales, you can’t ever stop growing and evolving. What worked really well to get sales one month might not be as compelling the next month. That’s why it’s so important to read books on sales and marketing, study business growth planning and have a really comprehensive plan of attack with a calendar for events and marketing campaigns in order to stay organized and execute properly.

Being a Poor Manager

One thing that I’ve had to get better at over time as a small business owner and one-woman show is management. Management of time, management of financias, management of people… the list goes on and on. The thing is, as a direct sales rep (at the start, at least) you’re going to be flying solo. It’s up to you to not only sell and motivate yourself, but manage everything properly. For LulaRoe that means your pop-up schedule, your inventory, your team (if you have one) and everything in between. You have to master the art of time management, relationship management, people management ad business management. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re being pulled at from all angles. But the most successful people in this world have a fantastic hold on management. Master management, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Let’s face it – building an empire is hard work/ You’re not just going to recruit 20 people under you and sell thousands of dollars just by hanging out and posting Facebook statuses that you started selling X product. It’s just not going to happen. Consider ANY successful business (not just direct sales) and the thousands and hundreds of thousands they spend marketing themselves. You’re not going to make a 6 figure income sitting on your ass. It’s just fact. So, in order to be successful, you have to dig deep and find out what your motivations are, because they’re going to be different for everyone. Find those motivations, your “why”, and get the team, tools and plan in place to be successful.

I’ll end with a great quote, “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to take the stairs…one step at a time.” – Joe Girard


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