A Letter to the Inept Parent: Freedom is Admitting you Suck

Raise your hand if you’re the inept parent. It’s okay if you’re the mom or the dad. You can be inept. I won’t judge you. Because, you see, I’m the inept parent too. I know, I know, you’re going to sit there and say, “Amber! You’re such a great mom. You research shit and you […]

Real Talk: My Battle with Infertility (Anonymous Guest Post)

A note from Amber:  When I initially set up this blog, I wanted it to be focused around the stories of moms everywhere, telling the stories of motherhood. Up until now, I haven’t really had anyone interested in guest blogging… I have many friends that have been battling infertility. While I haven’t dealt with it […]

Weight Loss – I’ve Been Doing it All Wrong

I’m right a lot. And not just because I think I’m right a lot, because I do a lot of research before I do anything. I’m a researcher by nature and it’s why I LOVE marketing for other people so much. I get to learn. Over the years, I’ve compiled quite a bit of research […]

Why Direct Sales Get a Bad Rap: The Realities of Startups

Not everyone can start a business. There. I said it. It takes a lot. It’s not just about having the money, because some businesses don’t cost much to start. It’s not that they don’t want it enough. Maybe it’s that they don’t NEED it bad enough. Back when I started my business (coming up on […]

If Not Now, When? Why We’re Part of the Body Image Problem

I’ve been working for quite some time on accepting my body. Pretty sure it started in 5th grade. It’s sad that I started to have body image issues so young, but I remember exactly why. Some boys used to make fun of me. While I was always very popular with all the girls in school, […]