A Letter to the Inept Parent: Freedom is Admitting you Suck

Raise your hand if you’re the inept parent. It’s okay if you’re the mom or the dad. You can be inept. I won’t judge you. Because, you see, I’m the inept parent too. I know, I know, you’re going to sit there and say, “Amber! You’re such a great mom. You research shit and you […]

If Not Now, When? Why We’re Part of the Body Image Problem

I’ve been working for quite some time on accepting my body. Pretty sure it started in 5th grade. It’s sad that I started to have body image issues so young, but I remember exactly why. Some boys used to make fun of me. While I was always very popular with all the girls in school, […]

A Call to Action on Less-Than-Honest Formula Marketing

This was originally posted as a guest blog on MamasChiropractic.com in March of last year when Honest Company launched their organic formula. While a great alternative for moms that are already formula feeding, I had a few things to say about their marketing slogan. ——————————- Picture this: You have an infant. You’ve breastfed before. Some people […]

A Pubic Service Announcement.

Today my heart hurts. Having two babies in three years isn’t easy on a body. It’s not easy on a marriage. It’s not easy on a career, either. Your cortisol levels go through the roof with lack of sleep, you eat comfort food, you argue with your husband, you lose clients and it’s a vicious, […]