Weight Loss – I’ve Been Doing it All Wrong

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I’m right a lot. And not just because I think I’m right a lot, because I do a lot of research before I do anything. I’m a researcher by nature and it’s why I LOVE marketing for other people so much. I get to learn. Over the years, I’ve compiled quite a bit of research about weight loss, nutrition and dieting. Being someone who gains weight so easily, I need to be able to keep it in check and it’s always kinda been through yo-yo crash dieting. Crash dieting is pretty effective, isn’t it? You just stop eating and your body eats up all your muscle and fat and you’re good. Boom. Drop 15 lbs. Start eating like shit again. Gain some back.

When I look back at what I photos I used to post of what I ate in college and really before I got pregnant with my first kid, I kinda shudder. For example, there’s this one photo of Kyle and I’s “move night binge” and I’m not kidding you – it’s like, frozen pizza, lemon heads, sour patch kids, twix, a family size bag of cheetos… every fat kid food you could ever want. I mean, we didn’t eat it all, but we ate a ton of it. Think of the cocktail of fail that I created in my gut.

Then I wonder why I was on the road to diabetes. I’m not diabetic, but I have a TON of autoimmune issues. It wasn’t until after meeting my current chiropractor that I really discovered the importance of gut health, eliminating inflammation in the body and really honing in on things like probiotics, vitamin C and a super clean diet. That’s a subject for another day, though.. we’ve digressed.

So, as I lost weight through two children – I got a really good clean eating regimen going. But really in order to jump start things – I had to cut calories pretty significantly. But I had always been told that you eat a big breakfast, get your carbs in early and don’t eat after a certain time in the evening. I followed this for my most recent baby weight elimination – to the tune of 34 pounds. Say whaaat, yeah, you already read that story.

But what has happened with me is that I got to a point where my stomach fat is still hanging out and my arms were starting to look really skinny. Turns out, I was doing it all wrong.

I probably shouldn’t have written a blog on this yet, because I wasn’t able to find a ton of research (only a really good article that references a study) on it. BUT, I’m breaking the rules and going for it, because I just finished rowing and the endorphins are still around.

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The theory with the carbs during the day thing is that your body is at rest at night, your metabolism slows down, and therefore you’re not burning those carbohydrates. but apparently your body does all its recovery, re-building and actually burns a good amount of calories during REM sleep. (There’s a study that backs this up in the article I’ll link later). The study referenced in the article says that unless you are obese, your metabolic rate while sleeping is actually greater than your metabolic weight while resting – so you’re actually burning more while sleeping. The article goes further into describing blood glucose levels and fasting meals… but I don’t think we need to get that detailed yet.

The part of this that really matters is that there was a study conducted and published in the Journal of Obesity (yes, apparently that’s a thing) where one control group ate carbs throughout the day and the experimental group consumed 80% of their carbs at night. After 6 months, those that consumed their carbohydrates at night lost “significantly” more weight than those that ate them during the day. They were also less hungry and more satisfied.

They break down the science on why this is the case further, so feel free if you really want to geek out on this stuff, check out this article.

I’m pretty stoked to start this other part of my journey. I don’t want to mention what it entails, who we’ve engaged for meal planning or the logistics – but the next three months should be pretty interesting.

Stay tuned!

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